Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh the heat

The weather has been disgustingly hot over the last few days.

Last week, my bike had some problems that I couldn't fix, so I took it to the shop, but a chain of unfortunate events has prevented me from picking it up yet. So after my driving test, I walked the three miles to work in the baking midday sun.
Determined to avoid repeating the experience in the afternoon, I decided to stay in the office until the promised clouds arrived.
Now I'm normally good at reading the weather, even in Gloucester where it's much less predictable than in Wales. Unfortunately, the windows in my office are not close to me and the glass is tinted, making it hard to tell what's going on.
So I missed the signs, and by the time I saw the sky outside had gone dark, there was thunder and lightning directly overhead. The heavens would open within ten minutes. I realised I was far too late to make it home dry, so I went for the bus instead. Even that was futile, because when I got outside I could smell that rain was imminent. It took me one minute to run to the bus stop, and by the time I got there the rain had started, and it was those huge raindrops you get at the start of an epic midsummer storm.
Anyway, even though I got pretty damp, I've been loving the rain because it's such a relief from the heat.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Driving WIN

I passed my driving test today, with only one Minor Fault. Wahey!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I just want to say, that hovercraft are awesome.
Seriously, what's not to love about them? They can travel on almost any terrain, and they are as noisy and dangerous as motorbikes. That means they are cool.

When I was younger, I was determined to build a hovercraft. In fact, I spent a lot of my school days doodling concepts in the margins of my books. Unfortunately, I lacked the skills, tools and funding to achieve anything more.
It's just occurred to me that soon I might just have those three things, all at once. Uni's looking more exciting every day!

P.S. I was just struck by an urge to find out the right way to say "My hovercraft is full of eels" in Hungarian:
A légpárnás hajóm tele van angolnákkal
I'm sure that will come in handy someday.