Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Banned from facebook again

For the second time in a month, facebook's censor-drones have disabled my account on the grounds that it is 'fake'. The first time, I grant you, my name had inadvertently been changed to 'Tom Long John Silver', which does sound a little bit suspect. However, now they've got no good reason to do this.
The rule is enforced so that 'people's profiles are a genuine reflection of who they are offline'. So why am I told that I am not permitted to go online under my offline name? Should I use an actual fake name so that I can avoid facebook's meddling? No, because I hate irony. And because nobody would know who I am. And that would be stupid.

My response to facebook is as clear as I can make it:
Real first name: Tom
Real surname: Long
Compare this with the name on my profile: "Tom Long". Notice how similar they are?


Paul Rousselle said...

Could you do it like Paul did and have Long as a middle name in quotations marks?

Tom Long said...

Well that's not how my name works. Also, It's against the facebook rules anyway.

Paul Rousselle said...

I managed to change my name to "Merlyn the Wizard" for about a week, before I changed it back.