Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Stop Global Warming: Fly Away on Holiday?

Well it's been over a month since I posted, which isn't a lot of good, is it?

I saw a poster outside a Co-op Travel Agent, making a statement which, frankly, defies comprehension. Here's a photo:

Book your holiday today and help combat climate change
I'm sorry, whut? Tourism and air travel in particular is a huge producer of Carbon Dioxide, so what is the Co-op trying to suggest? That if you book your flight with them, the plane will magically suck up CO2 instead of pumping it out? I sincerely hope nobody is fooled by this.

Well Co-op Travel, I have submitted the above photo to the FAIL Blog, so lets see what others think of it.


Paul Rousselle said...

I wonder what offers they were giving with this... how can they offset their Carbon Footprint like that?

It's disgusting that, if untrue, they'd offer such an offer. People wouldn't realise straight away the obvious problem with this, thereby ensuring a sale.

Tom Long said...

I would be more disgusted by this, but it's so absurd it's just funny!

Paul Rousselle said...

Look at my blog! You've been nominated :)